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Project 2017b Microcontroller Nixie Clock

  • 10 MHz XO
  • 1×6 Multiplex Display (IN-12 Tubes)

Long Term Observations of Clock Phase wrt/ UTC

HP5335A HP5334A is measuring time from 'every other 1PPS' clock debug signal to XLI 1PPS out.

The unwrapped TIC data is really just a simple remapping of [0,1] to [-0.5, 0.5].

Temperature measurements from Acromag 965EN (loaner unit courtesy of WV7U. TNX!) “Clock” channel thermocouple is in the air about 2 inches from the 10 MHz crystal. “Window” channel thermocouple is leaning against the window (about 18 inches from the clock).

Last 24 hours

Entire Collect

Raw TIC Data

Frequency Error vs. Temperature

Freshness Label

Most recent plot file update : Sun Jun 14 21:10:08 2020

Most recent measurement timestamp: Sun Jun 14 02:00:19 2020

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