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Project 2020a Microcontroller Nixie Clock

  • 10 MHz Atomic Clock
  • 1×6 Multiplex Display (IN-12 Tubes)

Long Term Observations of Clock Phase wrt/ UTC

HP5335A HP5334A is measuring time from TrueTime XLi 1PPS to CSAC 1PPS (which is not time aligned to the clock 1PPS, but should track it 1:1).

The unwrapped TIC data is really just a simple remapping of [0,1] to [-0.5, 0.5].

Temperature measurements from Acromag 965EN. “Clock” channel thermocouple is about 6 inches from the PCB.

Last 24 hours

Entire Collect

Raw TIC Data

Frequency Error vs. Temperature

Freshness Label

Most recent plot file update : Fri Jan 15 09:30:13 2021

Most recent measurement timestamp: Sun Jun 28 02:32:19 2020

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